Your worldwide partner for professional ice rinks.                               15.09.2015

A new permanent ice rink constructed by Ice Business was opened! The ice rink is located on the 3rd floor of the Promenade Mall in Hawally, which is one of the largest charity projects of this kind in Kuwait and Middle East, the mall being owned by the Abdullah Abdullatif Al-Othman Fund. Besides varied retail shops, supermarkets, restaurants, health and beauty centers, etc. the visitors of the mall can also enjoy this permanent ice rink constructed by Ice Business. It has a surface of 548 m² and contains also a LED illuminated ice tunnel.

You can find out more about the project on our website.

Skating aids - we present the Bobby!

The Bobby is a revolutionary solution for the skating aid area. It is user friendly, looks nice and sweet and it's 100% effective and secure. It is the ultimate solution for the people that are afraid to enter the ice or just want to have more fun while skating! One child holds tight to the tail to learn how to skate, another child can ride the Bobby's back. Plus, in just a couple of weeks of renting the skating aids the investition is recovered!

Buy your Bobbies now!

Everything about Ice Business and our expertise on SlideShare!

We are happy to announce that we now have a SlideShare account where we will publish every Thursday a presentation which will contain resourceful information regarding ice products, the newest technologies in the refrigeration area, tips regarding the ice rink business, etc.

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