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Ice Business Arena Equipment and Services

After one year of high pitched game season or ice skating sessions, renovation works are often required. We are happy to supply you with replacement parts for your existing ice rink or ice arena, completed by full service works.  

Looking to renovate your ice rink or exploring opportunities to build a new ice rink from scratch? Then do not hesitate to send us an e-mail at!

Skating aids

Skating aids!

The Bobby is a revolutionary solution for the skating aid area. It is user friendly, looks nice and sweet and it´s 100% effective and secure. It is the ultimate solution for the people that are afraid to enter the ice or just want to have more fun while skating! While one child holds tight to the tail to learn how to skate, another child can ride the Bobby´s back.

So …fun for everybody! 

30 facts about Ice Business

We are a company that has a rich history as a background and there are things that not many know about Ice Business. This is why we prepared a special post on our blog about it, not only for the new subscribers but also for our long therm collaborators, and found a really easy way to do it.

Click here to ckeck it out! 



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