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Our worldwide ice rink projects will continue in 2015 as until now: with more experience, stronger cooperations, bigger goals and new technologies. 

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Protective glass

Our glass and acrylic panels fulfill the requirements of the 2014 - 2018 IIHF Official Rule Book, where since September 2014 it is stated that the glass must be aligned using stanchions which allow the section to be flexible. The protective glass must also be 2,4 m high behind the goals and must extend at least 4,0 m from the icing line towards the blue line. The glass must be 1,8 m high along the sides except in front of the players´ benches.

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Protective netting 

For ice hockey rinks, nets must be mounted in the end-zones above the dasher boards and protective glass border to stop flying pucks, this being a mandatory requirement of the IIHF. 

Our netting: 

- material thickness of 2 mm
- UV stable waterproof
- Colors: black, white, olive (suitable for TV) 40 mm mesh width
- with plumb bob on the underside

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